Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Jobs for Jesus


Jobs for Jesus

After the Second Coming Jesus returns to Earth.
Within a week he is summoned to the JobCentre Plus Office and told to find a job.
He is asked to state previous work experience.
He replies that he has done a bit of fishing and some carpentry.
The Clerk checks the computer and finds two job vacancies .
Job one is £200.00 a week as a Carpenter in Birmingham .
The other is as a Fishermen in Galilee at £1,000.00 a week.
The clerk asks him which job he wants to apply for.
After much thought Jesus replies the Birmingham one.
The Clerk tells him again the difference in pay.

He asks him why he doesn't want the Galilee job.

He sighs and says.

" I worked in Galilee once and was hammered with tax (tacks).

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